About Us

Over seven million Canadians have used Change.org’s open, people-powered platform to create the change they want to see. People across the country create thousands of petitions, and they gain traction when they are an authentic reflection of what Canadians care about.

These people care enough to start something meaningful, rally the support of fellow citizens, and gain the attention of decision makers. Petition starters believe in online democracy and the power of individuals to create change. And they win! From helping to ban the trade of shark fins to saving a family farm, you can learn more about Change.org petition victories in Canada by reading The Change Canadians Want to See.

Change.org is powered by a product and engineering team that includes over a dozen staff in Victoria, BC. The Canadian community and petition starters are supported by a campaign team with four staff spread across Victoria, Toronto and Montreal. 

You can learn more about Change.org on the About Us page of our primary website.

Contact Us

Email jbiggar (at) change.org with inquires about this website and Change.org.